Getaway Dog Boarding Package



Want a quick get-a-way for the weekend?


We at Beau’s Backyard can help make that a mini trip possible without the worry and fret of what to do with your pet.


We all need a break at times to recharge and with this package your pet will enjoy the nice, quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the country.  Drop him/her off by 9:00 am. on a Saturday and pick-up by  9:00 am. on Monday.


Beau’s Backyard is a small facility where your pet will receive lots of one on one attention.


No additional hidden fees

  • belly rub
  • neck massages


Your dog will receive one hour closely supervised outdoor playtime of the morning and one hour in the afternoon. If you send their favorite toy or ball, we will make sure they play till their hearts content.


We do not let our guest mingle with others unless they are of the same family.


Food and treats: Although we keep Purina Moist and Meaty in stock, to prevent digestive upset we recommend that you bring their food and treats from home. It is best that you divide individual servings in baggies with the name of your pet, date and time of serving. Treats will be served at the time you request as well.


We supply elevated cooling cots for rest and sleep in a climate controlled facility however, you may want to bring their bed  and favorite blanket. We also supply water and food bowls that are cleaned on a daily basis.


Medication: If your little one is on medication, we will administer oral medications without an additional charge. We ask that all medications have your pets name and dosage and in original containers. We do not give injections.


Please feel free to call for a tour and or reservations of Beau’s Backyard.


All pets will be inspected for ticks and or fleas when entering our facility. If found they will be treated at an additional charge to you.


For the safety or your pet, we ask that they are wearing collar and leash when arriving or leaving our facility.


All packages are for one pet only.  Please call for multiple pet discount.


More about Overnight Dog Boarding

Beau's Backyard includes a very quiet country atmosphere.  Our goal is to ensure our guests feel comfortable, safe, stress free and much loved in a clean climate controlled environment with hours of attention and playtime.  We provide cooling cots to sleep on but encourage you to bring a favorite blanket or bedding if you like. Meals will be served on the same schedule as they are at home.


More about Short-Term Dog Boarding

Let Beau's Backyard make the planned and unplanned stays less stressful for you and your pet. We are here for your short term boarding needs. You can trust that your pet will be safe, secure and treated like he/she are part of our own family like our dog Beau.


What we provide:

  • We supply an elevated cooling cot to rest or sleep on in a climate controlled building.
  • We supply water and food bowls.
  • Attention
  • Belly rubs
  • Neck massages
  • And all of Grandma's love
  • Oral medication administration
  • Supervised play time


What to bring:


  • You may want to bring a favorite toy and or ball.
  • If your pet is on full feed or if meal time falls into the hours that they are visiting us, we ask that you bring their food from home with each serving divided into baggies, labeled with their name and time they are to be fed.
  • At Beau's Backyard we do not let pets mingle with other pets, unless they are from the same family.
  • Bath is $20.00 extra and must be requested at time of drop off.
  • Proof from your Veterinarian that your pet is current on vaccines including Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella.
  • Pets will be inspected for ticks and or fleas upon arrival. If found, they will be bathed with a tick/flea shampoo at an additional charge to you.
  • For safety purposes we do ask that when entering or leaving our facility with your pet,  that they are wearing a collar with leash.
  • All packages are intended for 1 pet only.  Please call for multiple pet discounts.
  • If your dog needs medications during the stay, we will administer oral medications without an additional charge. We ask that all medications have your pets name and dosage and in original containers. We do not give injections.


All Boarding Packages include at no extra charge:

  • Free Administering Medications
  • Brushing
  • Belly Rubs
  • Scratching Itches
  • Playing
  • Running
  • Holding
  • Petting
  • Loving



Health Records and Vaccinations


We need proof of vaccination showing your dog is current on rabies, bordatello and parvo from your vet. Bedding, blanket, food, toys, medicine if needed. All pets will be checked for ticks/fleas at admission. If found they will be bathed with a tick and flea shampoo at an extra charge of $35.00.


To keep your little one safe we ask that you inform us of any behaviors your dog may have such as digging, jumping fences etc.


A health record of current vaccinations, both those required by law and those required by Beau's Backyard can be emailed from your veterinarian or may be brought in by you.


Pets should be wormed on a regular basis with heart-worm preventative.

Beau's Backyard Boarding

106-A Tonja Ave, Amarillo, TX 79108

(806) 367-5254

Open from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

and 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.


Open Monday to Saturday


Closed Sundays

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